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The Providence, RI Amtrak/MBTA Station is located in a plaza (with the tracks in a tunnel beneath) across the street from the Rhone Island State House. It is a single-story low concrete structure completed in the 1980s. Offset from the street, one exit leads to small parking lot for Amtrak Service vehicles along Gaspee Street. The otherside and exit has a traffic-loop for passenger pick-up and drop off above a parking garage, it is signed for Providence Place Mall. The main station area is circular with a skylight in the middle as a main focal point. Along this circle is a bakery that sells MBTA tickets, a newsstand and the Amtrak ticket windows whose logo in the back of the office is Acelas, a Police area, seperate baggage office and vending machines. Two staircases lead down to two island platforms for the four tracks at this station. There is also a small old still-working 'flipping' train information board which displays both Amtrak and MBTA trains. Tracks 3 and 5 are generally used by MBTA and have their signage (along with some Amtrak signage) while 1 and 2 are generally used by Amtrak and have their Acela style Location signage and LED signs that display the next arriving train.
All photos taken on 27 June, 2011

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The State House and Station Building they are both surrounded by lawns
A station he low-lying concrete station building
A generic station sign in front of the State House
The service vehicles sides of the station
The exposed portion of the platforms viewed from street level
A post holding up the catenary wires towers above the platforms
Plaque for the new Providence Station, completed 1986
The round central waiting area
The Amtrak ticket windows and two of the track entrances
The central floor tiling about travel beneath the station's skylight
The doors to the state house and Providence Place Mall
The old 'flipping' information board
The station and dome of the state house beyond
The ends of the station tracks and platforms with the capital dome
Passengers approach the station
The dome above the waiting area
Another view of the dome above the waiting area
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Home<Boston MBTA<Commuter Rail<Providence/Stoughton Line<Providence, RI
Home<Amtrak<Providence, RI
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