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The Porter Square or Porter Commuter Rail Station (the few platform signs say both) is located in an open-cut just beneath street level allowing it to pass beneath busy Massachusetts Avenue, and above the deepest Subway Station (named just Porter). The stop has a single mostly low-level island platform for the two track line with a mini-high platform for ADA access at its outbound end. This platform is where signs tell all passengers to board except AM peak inbound trains. The stop has a small sheltered area with benches beneath and the various overpasses that cross over the open-cut also provide some protection to waiting passengers. The platform has three means of access: a staircase directly up to street a short ways away from the subway station entrance, a elevator down into the subway station mezzanine just beneath and a staircase down there as well.
All photos taken on 27 June, 2011

The staircase and elevator down to the mezzanine area and one up to the staircase, as an outbound train leaves
Approaching one end of the station
To reach the street via elevator you must go down into the subway station
The small entrance at street level
Home<Boston MBTA<Commuter Rail<Fitchburg Line<Porter SQ
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