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Needham Center is a stop that has no designated parking and serves the shopping district of this inner suburb. It consists of a single low-level platform for the single track line that begins at the southern (inbound end) along Great Plain Avenue and starts running north, passing a small brick station building that is a now closed shop that used to sell T tickets but has closed. It is now a taylor (and there are no longer sales at the station). There is still signage on the platform claiming that an on-board surcharge applies during certain hours. Continuing up the platform there are two more grade crossings and exits to the non commuter parking lots that surround the station and serve nearby buisinesses. There is also a small canopied section. The northern end of the platform is a sheltered mini-high ADA platform where passengers are supposed to board all off peak trains, this is a short ways before May Street's level crossing.
Photos 1-22 taken on 15 December, 2011, 23-27 on 16 December, 2011, 28 & 29: 21 December, 2013, 30-40: 4 August, 2014

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The entrance at the Great Plain Avenue Grade Crossing
The closed concession run ticket office
The now longer applicable sign that the stop is subject to an on board surcharge
The first mid platform crossing and entrance
Sign to board at the high level platform
Or at least to board beyond this sign
The mini-high level ramp and boarding area
The third and northernmost level crossing entrance
Please Look before crossing and no skateboarding in the station
Looking across to the closed concession run ticket office
A BiLevel Car leads an inbound train towards the station
F40PH-2C #1065 pushes an inbound train into the station
F40PH-2C #1065 stops at Needham Center
The Conductor gives the all aboard on F40PH-2C #1065 pushing an inbound trip to Boston
F40PH-2C #1065 and an inbound train start to leave Needham Center
F40PH-2C #1065 continues leaving Needham Center
Stepping off a nighttime trip
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