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Orient Heights is the main station on the blue line that has maintained some of the architectural details of the lines legacy 1952 opening along the right of way of the Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad, with cream colored almost cinderblock walls along the platforms and in some of the surrounding MBTA buildings. The stop has two side platforms that are connected with an enclosed overpass with just stairs for access and a fence running down the middle separating the two directions along both the overpass and the single staircase up to. The stop is wheelchair accessible but those passengers must use nearby streets to cross the tracks. Each platform has its own separate bank of fare gates (the outbound also has a few high exit turnstiles). The inbound platform entrance is along a bus loop with a small T employee only parking lot off of Bennington Street. The outbound platform leads out to more bus stops to a street alongside the entire platform.

From March 23, 2013 to November 26, 2013 the Station Closed for Reconstruction: The New Station is completely modern with everything replaced. The platforms now have silver columns holding up a modern canopy structure The edges of the ground-level platform are mainly simple but high fencing allowing views of the bus loops along either side of the station with glass windscreens. The overpass is now more of an enclosed building, with glass windows and a similar fence running down the middle of it. Access to the overpass is via elevators 2 up from each side of the station. These are two shafts next to each other; one is completely within fare control, the other outside of it. There are also separate staircases within and outside of fare control and a new escalator (not open when I visited about a month after the new opening) on the within fare control side.
Photos 1-17 taken on 27 June, 2011, 18-35: 21 December, 2013

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High Exit turnstiles from the outbound platform
The fare gates to the outbound platform
An original walking across tracks is forbidden sign
The side of the overpass outside of fare control
The bus loop on the outbound side
The fare gates on the outbound platform with a grate that can close them when the station is closed
Some of the original Orient Heights lettering on the side of the outbound platform's entrance
Looking up the split overpass
In the middle of the fully enclosed overpass
There are a few more faregates and CharlieVMs to the inbound platform
The original 1950s Orient Heights tiling on the inbound side of the station
The inbound side
Approaching the bus loop to the inbound platform
Outbound #0749 leaves the station for Wonderland
Outbound #0749 continues leaving
The modernized station, looks a little different than two years ago
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