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Airport Station is a recently rebuilt stop on the blue line and where passengers can switch to free Massport shuttle buses to the airport terminal. The stop has a high ceiling that covers the entire station and its overpasses that connect the platforms both within and outside of fare control with fare gates on either side along both platforms. The overpass within fare control has both up and down escalators plus the required staircase and elevators. The outside of fare control overpass is more simple without the escalators and just staircase/elevator access. The entire station is a building with doors into each entrance on both sides of the station. The Massport Shuttles (running on two routes) depart from a bus stop with a modern canopy on the outbound side of the station. The inbound side of the station has access to the surrounding community via a walkway across (at the same level of the station) the trench that leads to the on ramps to the Sumner/Callahan Tunnels and then a footpath through Bremen Street Park. The stop is also the location where electrical supply changes from the third rail used in the tunnel section into downtown Boston to the overhead pantograph wires built for more resistance from flooding and the sea air this line must contend with out to Wonderland.
Photos 1-4 taken on 27 June, 2011. 5-23 on 22 August, 2013, 24-38: 21 December, 2013

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Station name sign on platform wall
The fare control area on the inbound platform
Station view from waiting for the airport shuttle
Looking out from a window on the platform to the plaza to the waiting airport shuttle buses
#0730 leaves for Wonderland
Two trains pass, the countdown clocks show the frequent rush hour service
A Bowdoin Train stops
The intersecting walkways, one within fare control, one without
The outbound platform fare control area
The in fare control overpass
A wide elevator on the in platform fare control overpass
Sign for Shuttle Bus replacements
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Home<Boston MBTA<Blue Line<Airport Station
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