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Montauk is the terminus of the Montauk Branch. It is 115.8 rail miles away from where the branch historically starts in Long Island City (Jamaica is about 106 miles). The Cannonball Express on Friday afternoon, which now originates in Penn Station travels approximately 2.5 miles further. The station is currently the end of the longest trains currently operated by a commuter rail agency in the United Stations (the length of Metrolink's Inland Empire-Orange County Line is closest at 100 miles, the New Mexico Rail Runner Express route is 97 miles long).

The station before high-level platforms were constructed in 1999 consisted of a single low-level platform along the Main track, the most northern track at the station, with 6 additional tracks along the Montauk Yard. The western end of the yard also contains a wye-track. The wye track has an unprotected grade-crossing over Industrial road and with push-pull trainsets in use today is rarely used. This low-level platform still exists, although the modern high-level only C3 bi-levels can't serve it. It begins at the bumper block along a short access road just off of Flamingo Avenue. It is along an approximately 100-space parking lot. Towards its eastern end is a two story white wooden station house that was built in the spring of 1942 (Source: Trains are fun). Since 1998 the building has been occupied by the Depot Art Gallery, and although timetables are still on the depot walls, does not provide any services to railroad customers.

A modern high-level island platform opened in 2000, it is a narrow island platform built between the Main Track and Track 1. It can accommodate six cars. A angled canopy structure provides some shelter over the first two cars. All access to the island platform is via a ramp from it's eastern end that leads to a 200 foot walkway between the two tracks before crossing the main track to the north, with the walkway continuing further to the station parking lot. Overall it's a long walk from the train to leave the platform. The station received a TVM in 2013.
Photos 1-6: 18 May, 2008; 7-31: September 24, 2011

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