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Islip is a stop on the portion of the Montauk Branch that receives decent, about hourly scoot service, to Babylon from Patchogue plus through trains from Speonk and Montauk (some of the Montauk trains skip the station). The Montauk Branch here has two through tracks. Each track has a modern high-level side platform for four cars from the final generation of high-level platforms the LIRR in the late 1990s. Each has green fencing and is uncovered except for a single shelter structure with red and cream windscreens. The platforms are nearly completely offset from each other, (maybe a car of overlap) with the Montauk-bound platform east of the New York-bound platform. Parking lots are along each side of the tracks. An Historic Society of Islip Hamlet sign has the history of the station: "South Side Railroad 1867-1876. LIRR Acquired 1880. 2nd Track 1908. Station House South Side 1868-1950. North 1959. Restored 1997."

Starting from the east at the grade-crossing of Islip Avenue (NY-111) is the Montauk-bound platform along that track. Across from it is a fenced off paved area with an old black line Islip sign that I assume was the original low-level platform. Just before the New York-bound platform begins is the 1959 depot. This building has simple cream-colored walls and green trim. Porches wrap around on all four sides. It's only open in the mornings until 2:00pm. There is a gabled roof with a clock tower in the middle of the roof (with the faces of four clocks) that has a railroad themed weathervane on top. At the other end of the New York-bound platform is a very unusual feature, a pedestrian only un-armed grade crossing with just a small train activated bell (and a sign to watch for trains) that leads to the end of the parking lot along the eastbound side. These grade-crossings are all over Chicago's Metra System. Immediately the 84 lumber siding begins while the parking lot for the westbound side continues maybe 100 feet to the grade-crossing of Nassau Avenue.
All Photos: 27 May, 2014

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