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Greenlawn is the first diesel stop on the Port Jefferson Branch receiving service about every 90 minutes off-peak with 'scoot' shuttle trains to Huntington or Hicksville. The line here is single-tracked with numerous passing sidings. This station is at the location of a siding. The station has two side platforms although trains never meet here (the switches to this siding are hand-operated) with the south platform and its track looking forlorn and covered in rust, although the platform is still open with Platform B signs saying All Trains on Platform A. The station received high-level platforms early on in 1985 for the C1s, the dual-mode double-decker prototypes to the C3s introduced in 1992 that made a rush-hour round-trip between Penn Station and from Port Jefferson. This means the platforms have simple silver blocky railings, like those at most electric territory stations.

The platform in regular service (A) can accommodate 12 cars, unused B just 8. These platforms both start (with B's ramp, A's is near the depot) just beyond the grade crossing with Broadway and run east. Connecting the middle of the platform is a simple pedestrian bridge, with the bridge and staircases up to it exposed to the elements. The sides over the tracks are just high chain-link fence. For waiting passengers the only amenities is one silver waiting shed on unused platform B and two on platform A.

Alongside and beneath Platform A (near Broadway) is the station's single story depot. It was completed in 1908 and has renovated enough times to have simple smooth walls painted a cream color with green accents. The roof is shingled and gabled with a chimney. Inside is a waiting room that is completely wood paneled with ceiling fans and a high angled ceiling. There is a chimney with a potbelly stove attached to it (not original). Restrooms and a bookshelf (empty when I visited) are provided. A few historical photographs dot the walls. All seating is standard, subway wooden benches with arms. The ticket office closed here in 1996, TVMs are located on porches outside. Minimal parking is along the open platform but a wide boulevard like entrance leads to Boulevard Avenue parallel to the tracks. Along Platform B is the main parking lot reached from parallel Gates Street.
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