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Flushing Main Street is located in the extremely bustling business district and is not a station that seems to fit into that sort of location in terms of platform access and the design of the platforms or station house. The stop has two narrow side platforms located on an elevated embankment whose only form of shelter are a few dilapidated silver windscreened enclosures found at so many LIRR stations. Even more amazingly each platform also has only a single staircase for entry and exit these are both at the western ends of both of the platforms that extend east to platform. The Eastbound platform's staircase is located just beyond the tiny white station house that still has an open ticket office along Main Street (open weekday mornings for one shift from 6:15am-1:55pm), the hours for the waiting room are the same and single bench for waiting across from it, justbeyond this house is the staircase up to that platform. The New York-bound platforms entrance staircase goes perpendicularly away from the platform to a short pathway to 40th Road, making it over a block and a half away from the station and TMVs

From 2016 through 2018, the station was fully renovated and made ADA Accessible, with elevators and staircases up to both platforms from Main Street, and made into a station fit for one of the busiest commercial districts in Queens
Photos 1-8: June 2, 2008; 9-26: June 13, 2011; 27-40: November 2, 2012

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