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34th Street was the original southern terminus of the Bayonne Branch of the HBLR on its opening day, April 22, 2000 until the southern extension opened to 22nd Street in 2003. The station has two tracks with an island platform along an existing railroad ROW with a single freight track just east of the station platform. The single platform has a single HBLR canopy and a small ancillary building at its southern end. I have a feeling this might contain a non-public restroom for LRV operators when the station was a terminus. The platform floor is etched with a map by Nina Yankowitz and Barry Holden of the original HBLR system that extends to the top of the platform benches.

To leave the platform, a ramp descends to grade at its northern end. This leads down to a pedestrian crossing over the west track. This leads to a sidewalk to the local community to Avenue E between 34th and 35th Streets. The walkway between the tracks continues north to a staircase and elevator up to the HBLR's longest pedestrian bridge. This bridge is fully enclosed with glass walls and turquoise support beams and pillars. Along the bridge are murals, Bayonne Passage by Charles Fahlen. This bridge leads across to the west and over a freight track. It reaches an intermediate support (with a taller roof) and turns south to run parallel to Highway 440 before finally descending back to the ground with another elevator and staircase. It arrives at the northern end of a bus loop. At this bus loop is one of the most unique NYC Bus Stops. The only one located outside of the state of New York. It is a conventional NYC DOT bus stop, complete with a guide a ride. It serves the S89 LTD that provides rush hour only trips to and from Staten Island across the Bayonne Bridge, the route started in 2007 partially replacing a previously CoachUSA privately operated route from Staten Island to Jersey City. It accepts MetroCard like a regular MTA bus route although no free transfers to and from the HBLR. Beyond the bus loop heading south is a 400 space paid HBLR parking lot that extends all the way to 32nd Street that has an overpass above the railroad tracks. This parking lot is split in the middle by Prospect Avenue.
Photos 1-7: September 19, 2004; 8-26: June 14, 2008

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