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Hammond is the last South Shore Line Station in Indiana, less than a half-mile from the Illinois border where trains enter the City of Chicago. The station has two high-level platforms built in 1998, replacing former low-level platforms . The line has two gauntlet tracks through the station, allowing freight trains that have wider clearances to pass through the station without issue. The platforms are in a unique (but similar to the Hegewisch Station) configuration, a side platform is along the South Bend-bound southern track, with another platform in the normal location of an island platform that only serves the northern, normal Chicago-bound track, with a fence separating it from the opposite track. The platforms begin with steps up from the grade-crossing or Johnson Avenue and run west ending in ADA ramps to a pedestrian grade-crossing just a short distance west of the Hohman Avenue grade-crossing. The ramp and staircase at each end provide the only access to the Chicago-bound platform, the South Bend platform has a staircase just after the ramp and 3 additional staircases up to it at regular intervals.

The Chicago-bound platform has a silver metal canopy structure along it's entire length, the South Bend-bound platform has a short canopy structure coving the ADA ramp, leading up to the first intermediate staircase, and additional very short canopy structures covering the two additional staircases up to the platform.

The station has a modern and large station house which is painted brown with green trim. It is located at an angle by the pedestrian-crossing at the western end of the platforms. Inside is a waiting area with a mix of wooden benches and modern black mesh seating. One wall contains the station restrooms (a sign says there are available only when the concession stand is open) and the former ticket office that closed in 2011 in an area forward of the station's ATM and restrooms with windows on multiple sides. TVMs are inside the depot, replacing window ticket sales. Opposite the ticket office area is the concession stand, also known as Coffee Cafe. Floor to ceiling diamond gates close off the coffee counter when it's closed, but a Pepsi machine is along the gate with a number of signs telling potential customers to reach through the gate and use the vending machine when the gates are closed.

The station has plenty of commuter parking with a total of 718 spaces. Most of the spaces are just south of the platforms; stretching between Hohman Avenue and Johnson Avenue, between the South Shore tracks and the CSX tracks just before Hudson Street. There is an additional smaller lot east of Johnson Avenue that can be closed off by a gate this lot runs to Henry Avenue. There is another small lot along Johnson Avenue north of the tracks, stretching to Cameron Avenue, one of two city streets split into two by the station, not crossing the South Shore Line or CSX tracks.
All photos taken on 25 June, 2016 on a visit by bicycle

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Stepping off a westbound train
EMU #17 departs to continue to Chicago at the back of the Weekend Westbound Express train from South Bend
EMU #17 continues out of Hammond
A Chicago-bound train fades into the distance
Looking down the Chicago-bound 'island' platform
A Hammond sign across from the platform
Looking down to the Hohman Avenue and the switches ending the gauntlet tracks
The pedestrian crossing to the ADA ramps
The ramp up to the Track 2 platform, normally used by trains to Chicago
The To Chicago sign
The pedestrian crossing between the ADA ramps
The driveway exit to Hohman Avenue
Sign for the Hammond Station, including the Coffee Cafe and ATM
The driveway leading to the depot
View of Hohman Avenue of the gauntlet track into the station
The start of the two platforms and gauntlet track
The Hammond Station sign by some greenery
Switch boxes for the gauntlet track
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