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Ashland (not be confused with the Ashland Terminus of the Green Line on 63rd Street about 7½ miles due south) is the last stop shared by the Green and Pink Lines before Pink Line trains curve south via the Paulina Connector to reach the Cermark (Douglas) Branch. The station has two side platforms that still have their original but restored 1893 station houses from when the station was rehabilitated in the mid 1990s. Towards their western ends (be in the second to third car), the platforms were extended for eight car trains heading east. These are small green buildings with windows and little decorative chimneys. The platforms have canopies that run nearly their entire lengths held up by small white posts. The fence of the platform also looks original, it is relatively low and has ornate circular patterns running inside it. Only the station house on the Loop-bound platform is presently in passenger service (the Harlem-bound one sits closed with mesh covering the windows). It also also the only place where a fare can be paid via regular turnstiles. To enter the station here, there is a staircase up from the SW corner of Ashland Blvd and Lake Street. A new pedestrian bridge above the street, outside of fare control about ten feet from the platform, extends from here. It leads first to a street stair down to the SE corner before reaching a green shaft that is the street elevator quite a ways from the actual station entrance.

The reason for this is the station's modern overpass doesn't begin, with first the staircases up from each platform until just after the historical portions of the platforms ends. Right alongside the street elevator is the elevator up from the Loop-bound platform to the overpass. The overpass is roofed but has just simple green fencing allowing a nice viewpoint of trains heading due west coming from the loop including the skyline of downtown. An elevator and staircase lead down to the Harlem and 54th/Cermark-bound platforms. To directly leave the Harlem-bound platform there is a high turnstile next to the station house no longer in passenger service and a street stair down to the NW corner of wide Ashland Blvd. There is though a way to enter the Harlem-bound platform without dealing with the overpass. At the extreme eastern end of each platform is a farecards only entrance with a high turnstile on each platforms down to each side of Lake just before Justine Street's T intersection. Photos 1-6 taken on 15 July, 2006, 7-25 on 3 August, 2011

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#3009 and a 2 car pink line train start to leave just two months into its operation
#2434 and a Green Line train head eastbound towards the loop
Two platform signs at Ashland one has the new Pink Line colors, the other is still just green
A sign for the station's main exit
#3013 approaches
#3014 stops in the station bound for the loop
The Queen Ann Style station house in passenger use
Some paint is peeling off the historic depot
One of the High Exit Turnstiles on the outbound platform
The ornate railing and platform canopy
Beneath the exit staircase and unused headhouse from that platform
The old station house and modern overpass
The intersection the station is above
The one entrance staircase directly into the depot
Inside the historic wood paneled station house, about to swipe into the system
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