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New Lenox on the Rock Island District was the original Metra station for this southwest-suburb village which opened in 1900 until a second station for this village was built at Laraway Road on the Southwest Service in 2006. The former Wabash Railroad Line used by the Southwest Service passes over the Rock Island District on a bridge east of the station, visible from the station platforms. The Laraway Road station is nearly 3 miles south of this station on the suburban fridge.

The station has two side platforms for the 2 track line that begin at the Grade Crossing of Cedar Road and runs east. Two additional pedestrian grade-crossings in the middle of the station and at the platforms eastern end allows passengers to easily switch between platforms. These platforms are labeled with the north one as From Chicago (Track 2) and south one as To Chicago (Track 1), although smaller signs in the station overrule this (except before 2:00pm) since all trains on weekends (without an additional announcement) stop on Track 1, and after 2:00pm on weekdays from Chicago trains stop on Track 1 and trains to Chicago stop on Track 2. There is freight traffic in the station area and Track changes due happen so commuters need to listen for announcements.

The Track 2, Platform (2) has no further access except from the grade-crossing. Track 1 contains the station's historic 1900 Station house, which is located at the dead-end of Church Street (with a driveway curving and leading out to Cedar Road). This brick building with Green Trim leads out to the station's main 200 space parking lot that leads back towards US-30/Lincoln Highway. There is an additional double-wide back bus shelter with a bench towards the eastern end of Platform 1, this double-wide shelter is near an addtional 800 space parking lot that is accessed from the extreme eastern end of this platform.
All Photos taken on 25 June, 2016 on a visit by bicycle

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Approaching the New Lenox Station building
Approaching the station platform
The station parking lot
Looking into the closed on a weekend depot
The ramp up to the station platform
The pedestrain grade-crossing in the middle of the station
Boarding instructions, are complex for the station (and boarding changes do happen!)
Looking down the platform for track 2
A sign on the from Chicago Platform (although only correct before 2:00pm, after 2:00pm it's To Chicago)
The station is at Milepoint 34
A New Lenox Platform sign
The depot
A proch on the Victorian depot
Streetside of the depot
Lot's of empty accessible parking spaces
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