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95th Street-Longwood Manor is the northern of two intermediate stops on the Rock Island Main Line, where the Surburban Branch takes a more western path through the Beverly Hills nieghborhood of Chicago. The 95th Street-Beverly Hills Station is approximately ninetenths of a mile west of this station, and the 95th Street/Dan Ryan terminus of the CTA Red Line is about one and three-quarters miles west with frequent bus service down 95th Street from CTA and Pace Bus Routes. This means although the station is in a dense area it has very little service with trains only stopping during rush hours peak direction, with 5 inbound trains to Chicago stopping between 5:51am and 8:21am, and 5 PM outbound trains from Chicago stopping between 4:30pm and 6:33pm, with strangely one reverse-peak train from Chicago stopping at 7:15am (but no reverse PM service). During weekends, express trains due run along the Rock Island Main Line and bypass the station.

The station itself is extremely simply with a single side platform along the eastern track of the two track line, beginning at the grade-crossing of 95th Street and running south. This platform is extremely short and just 110 feet long, with just 1 to 2 cars able to open their doors at this station. Amenities for passengers consist of 3 black bus shelters (one is double wide) with white domed roofs. The station's 30 space parking lot is across the tracks, accessed via the grade-crossing of 95th Street, between 95th Street and Vincennes Avenue. Athough the Rock Island Line has a second track, there is no second platform or other train boarding provision for trains on this opposite track.All Photos taken on 10 June, 2018

The station's small parking lot across from the platform
The back of a sign in the parking lot and shelters on the platform
Wheelchair spaces near the sheltered parking pay station
The parking pay station shelter
Looking across to the start of the single platform with two bus shelters
Two small white domed bus shelters followed by a longer one
Looking across the tracks a portion of this sign has been removed
A 95th Street-Longwood Manor sign on a shelter
View from the 95th Street grade-crossing of the extreme simple platforms
The pay station shelter and a bus shelter beyond
A Lime Ebike and a 95th St-Longwood Manor shelter
Behind the station platform
The wide grade-crossing of busy 95th Street
Behind the 3 bus shelters on the simple, short platform
Home<Chicago<Metra<Rock Island District<95th Street/Longwood Manor

Last Updated: 14 September, 2018
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