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35th Street: "Lou" Jones/Bronzeville opened as an infill station on the Rock Island Line on April 3, 2011. The station serves the new Comisky Park (or whatever the current corperate sponser of the ballpark is), which is located across the Dan Ryan Expressway, with the Red Line running in the middle of it from the station. The stops unique suburban location means most Rock Island Line trains serve the stop (except for some during rush hour), usually as a flag stop. Metra though doesn't run 'special' trains for White Sox games with passengers needing to take reguarly scheduled weekday trains at 9:52pm or 11:22pm home from the games. The station is named after Lovana Jones an Illinois State Representative from the neighborhood.

The station's name signs are inconsistent most of the regular platform signs say 35th St. / "Lou" Jones on a black sign with white text (for the White Sox) with another sign with the inverse text black on a white background below. On the shelters 35th Street is in large white letters with "Lou" Jones/Bronzeville more simply lettered. There is also a silver sign above the schedule in the wider area of the platform by the entrance, this has black lettering

The station consists of two side platforms for the two track line that begin just after the railroad bridge over 35th Street. The Platform 1 entrance is at the NE corner of LaSalle & 35th Streets. The Platform 2 entrance is at the NW corner of Federal St and 35th Street. These platforms each have a concrete staircase and ramp structure up to them. There is a single modern glass shelter with a windscreen located above the ramp/staircase entrance. This area of the platform is wider and also has a few benches The platforms then continue north with no further amenities.
All Photos taken on 3 August, 2011

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Approaching the station from the east
Signage for the stairs or ramp to platform 1 with boarding
Staircase (via ramps) up to the station
The back of a container train and the small train storage yard (full on a weekend) on the Suburban Line
On the ramp up to platform 2
Across from the wide entrance area with outdoor and indoor seating to platform 2
The silver platform 1 schedule sign
The modern shelter structure on Platform 1
Off white text station sign on the shelter
Looking down on the Pairie Street Station
The White Sox Stadium is off in the distance
The long ends of the platforms
A sign in the unique black font and the Red Line Station beyond
Across from the shelter
Looking into a shelter
On the ramp off the platform
The Metra logo and US Cellular Field off in the distance
Steps up to platform 2
Metra Locomotive #208 in the station
A Southbound Metra train departs
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