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93rd Street/South Chicago is the terminus of the 4.7 mile long (from the mainline) South Chicago Branch. The station is 13 miles from the Millennium Station terminus. It is the only outbound Metra terminus located within the City of Chicago. The Metra South Chicago branch service runs roughly hourly off-peak with an additional peak service. This branch of the Metra Electric line in particular feels much more light rail line-like with frequent stops, stops in the median of streets. Proposals to repurpose the Metra Electric Line, particular the South Chicago Branch into more of a transit line instead of a Commuter Rail line, with fares matched to the CTA with free or reduced transfer costs on Vetra have been discussed among transit advocates for years.

The new 93rd Street terminus station opened in conjunction with funding from the City of Chicago in 2001. The original South Chicago terminus was at 91st Street, this former station has been completely removed. The station consists of an island platform that runs between two terminating tracks, from their bumper blocks at 93rd Street, to the grade-crossing of 92nd Street. The station has entrances via ramps and stairs at each end. Passengers pass through small entrance houses that contain TVMs, and Metra Customer Information phones before reaching a platform that is fully canopied. A central enclosed waiting area provides additional seating and weather protection for waiting passengers. A large Park & Ride lot (daily parking fee $1.50) is located across 93rd Street from the Station.
All Photos: 25 June, 2016

A train has arrived, before the bumper blocks
Train #320 using Highliners has just arrived from Millennium
Inside the 93rd Street Station house, both cash and more modern card TVMs
Plaque for the Commuter Train Accident that killed 45 people and injured 332 in 1972, the accident happened in the vicinity of 27th Street.
The 93rd Street entrance and bumper block
The opposite bumper block and train in the distance that will be the next departure to Downtown Chicago
Looking across to the empty on a Saturday Park & Ride lot
On the platform, a central waiting area
Benches in the enclosed waiting shelter in the middle of the platform
The 92nd Street exits station house
The ramp and station house at the 92nd Street grade-crossing
The 92nd Street grade-crossing and station in the distance
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