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Hinsdale is the main station of 3 in the village of Hinsdale, the other two stations West Hinsdale and Highlands east and west of this station only receive limited weekday rush hour service. The station consists of a two slightly offset side platforms along the 3 track line. The core of the station platforms (where the depot is) are between the grade-crossings of Garfield Street and Washington Street. The inbound platform's extension is east of here, across Garfield Street, the westbound platform's extension is west of the core station area, across Washington Street (and stretching to the Lincoln Street grade-crossing).

The Inbound platform contains a brick station house with a Spanish Tile roof constructed in 1899 which is on the National Register of Historic Places. This station contains a waiting room (open 7 days a week) and ticket office open for one shift during Weekday Mornings in its western half. This waiting room has wooden benches. The other half of the large depot is now Casa Margarita, a Mexican Restaurant. The station house is located between the platform and Hinsdale Avenue (which follows the rail line all the way down to the West Hinsdale Station). Across from the station house, the outbound platform has a long canopy structure with a Spanish-tile roof in the same style as the station house. There are white with black text Hinsdale signs on the depot and canopy structure, plus the normal Metra station signs along both platforms.
All Photos taken on 17 February, 2018

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Approaching the Inbound platfrom from the west down Hinsdale Avenue.
The depot is in the historic village center of Hinsdale
Shelter on the Outbound platform in the same style as the depot on the Inbound
The depot
The canopy structure on the Outbound platform
Looking towards the western end of the platforms and the outbound platform's extension
The Casa Margaretia side of the large historic depot
A Now Hiring for Casa Margaretia sign in a depot window
A White with black lettering Hinsdale sign on the depot
A Metra sign, on the eastern half of the depot which is the station's waiting room
Looking east from the depot and the Eastern platform extension
Approaching the Garfield Street grade-crossing and the eastbound platform's extension
Across Hinsdale Avenue from the station and depot
On the Extension of the Inbound platform
The depot and shelter on the Inbound platform
The canopy across from the depot
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