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UIC-Halstead is the easternmost Blue Line Station located in the median of the Eisenhower Expressway. Just after the station (in view of the platfroms) trains curve downward go go underground into the Dearborn Street subway into downtown. The station has the standard island platform with a canopy covering its entire length and when it opened ramps at each end going up to station house exits at each end of the platform, both of these exits are still fully open with regular turnstiles. They were closed and renovated, one after another in 2000 to 2001 with the ramps both rebuilt to be ADA complaint (making both entrances assessable). The western exit to Morgan Avenue was closed in the 1980s before reopening as an exit and then becoming an entrance again in 2000 when the ramp up to it was rebuilt for ADA compliancy. The eastern exit to Halstead has always been open but got a similar rebuild in 2001, it also got a decorative top (unphotographed). The station received increased usage from the University of Illinois Chicago and an additional entrance in the middle of the platform was warranted to be built. These are built on what was clearly once an overpass for cars (I believe) but is now only a pedestrian overpass between the southern end of Peoria Street and the UIC campus. On Sitting on portions of the western side of the overpass is a redbrick station house with a flat white roof doors lead inside to turnstiles before leading out through door frames to a small overpass area with two staircases down to the platform, there is an additional staircase (covered and with walls made of glass) up to two high exit only turnstiles on the eastern side of this overpass.
All Photos taken on 2 August, 2011

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#3131 leaves the station
A column sign at UIC-Halsted, the second destination of 54th/Cermark has only been partially covered
Approaching one of the exit ramps
Looking up the long exit ramp to Morgan
In the middle of the ADA compliant ramp, the floor is slightly different and it has a better railing than the ones at the rest of the stations
Approaching the station house to Morgan with golden colored walls
Two regular and one wheelchair turnstile out of the station
The entrance to the modernized station house at Morgan with a silver bay window
Looking over to the ramp up to the Morgan entrance
The lanes of traffic and station in the median
Another view to the Morgan ramp
The 1960s bubble glass overpass from UIC behind one of the freeway signs: Do you want to go to Wisconsin or Indiana
Looking towards the Halsted half of the platform
Sign for the farecards only entrance to Austin
Approaching the middle station house from UIC
High Exit Turnstiles to the UIC overpass
Entering the system through the central UIC overpass, these frames once held doors
A platform sign
Staircase to the high exit turnstiles
#2980 bound for O'Hare stops in the station
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