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Logan Square is an underground Blue Line Station that opened on February 1, 1970, replacing a previous terminal station above ground. The station consists of a single island platform that has grey brick walls and a column-less arched ceiling over the entire platform. At each end of the station by the entrances the ceiling becomes double-height to accommodate the fare control areas that look down on the platforms and the ceiling becomes flat with more lighting. The platform is much longer than needed to accommodate two entrances and passengers getting on at the secondary Spaulding entrance in particular have a ways to walk to actually get on at the station.

The primary exit is to Belmont just north of the actual Logan Square and is at the southern end of the station platform. Here a staircase followed by an escalator and elevator lead to a fare control area with regular turnstiles on a mezzanine above the southern end of the platform. From here the elevator (clearly built later in 2000-2001 its white shaft isn't fluid to the main design of the station) and an up escalator/staircase lead up to the stations two bay bus loop that has a roof fully covering the bus loop and entrance connecting the two. This loop is located at the odd northern corner formed by Milwaukee Road and Kedzie Avenue. Another exit (with a combined escalators/staircase) leads across the street to the other side of Milwaukee Road closer to Logan Square.

The secondary exit to Spaulding at the northern end of the station has a staircase and escalator that lead up to an unstaffed fare control area with two high entrance/exit fare card only turnstiles. There is also clearly the closed cashiers booth from the pre-fare card days when all CTA entrances had to be staffed. This leads out to street stairs that have are surrounded by plexiglass and have blue canopies with a staircase only up to the NE and a combined escalator/staircase to the SE corners of Spaulding Avenue and Milwaukee Avenue.
Photos 1-10: 17 July, 2009, 11-38 4 July, 2013

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Platform wall signs with Blue signs for the two exits
The exits have higher ceilings at each end of the long platform. The train off in the station is actually stopped
A Forest Park blue line train stops in the station
Train #3038 is the last car of a Forest Park train stopped in the station
A marble bench beneath a sign
A staircase, escalator just beyond and the elevator up to the Logan Square exit
The station got CTA vision signs early on
Up the stairs to the Logan Square exit
Looking off the Logan Square exit at a train stopped in the station
The Logan Square mezzanine area is covered on bikes
The Logan Square turnstiles
Top of the escalator and staircase
The Newsstand, CA booth outside of fare control
Elevator or Escalator (stairs aren't mentioned) to the bus loop
Buses in Logan Square's bus loop
Passengers line up to board a bus
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