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Forest Park is the terminus of the Blue Line. It was originally a station on Metropolitan 'L' (that the Eisenhower Expressway was built over) which opened a station here in 1906 called Desplaines for the station's location. The Eisenhower Expressway gradually replaced the original line but this station remained in a temporary form 1960 when the Eisenhower Expressway Line was fully opened until 1982 when it was finally rebuilt into its modern form as the Forest Park Transportation Center, with 1051 park'n'ride spaces in parking lots both and north and south of the station, costing $5 per day.

The station has a single elevated island platform with a canopy covering both the tracks and platform held up by supports only on the outside of the tracks for the entire length of the station. Trains enter the station on the northern track, discharge there passengers before continuing beyond the station and relaying using a loop track located and reenter service with the operator not needing to change direction on the opposite side of the platform. The loop track connects to the Forest Park yard that loops around to the southern side of the station area.

To leave this platform, an elevator, a staircase/up escalator and an staircase lead down to a wide fare control area beneath the tracks. Here turnstiles and a few high exit turnstiles lead to both sides of the elevated structure just west of Des Plains Avenue (whose underpass is just before the edge of the station). This mezzanine is decorated by tons of little blue mosaic tiles. To the northside this leads to a three bay covered bus loop with a Blue roof with white text. Here, 11 connecting PACE bus routes and 1 CTA Bus Routes stop. Staircases lead up to the top of a hill and the majority of the large number of Parking Spaces. Another exit leads from the south side of the station house to a smaller covered Kiss'n'Ride area before leading to more parking spaces.
All Photos taken on 3 August, 2012

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Stepping off a just arrived Blue Line train
A platform sign on the dark platform, trains block out all the light
Going down to the station exit
Stairs or elevator?
concrete pillars and glass walls of the station house beneath the platform
The concrete sides of the elevated station
The bus stop northern side of the Forest Park Transit Center
Three bus bays with a full blue roof make up the Forest Park Transit Center
A side view of the station platform with its huge roof elevated on concrete
A view from the higher parking lot
A red staircase down to the station exit
Above the station with its two levels
Looking between trees to the bus bays
Sign for the complex wheelchair ramp into the station from the higher parking lots
#3111 crosses above Desplains Avenue to enter the station
The south side of the station has a taxi line
Looking up at trains in the Forest Park yard on the southern side of the station area above that parking lot
Trains in the yard above the parking yard
The drop off side of the Forest Park Transit Center for buses and trains
A train above the southern entrance
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