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Vienna has two offset side platforms on each side of the intersection of Vienna Drive as trains run down the middle of Tasman Drive. The northern side of this intersection across from the station is the entrance with an arch to Casa de Amigos, a dense suburban subdivision (that at least has the houses set up in a grid and not with cul-de-sacs). The platforms are each stops after the intersection so all-legal access to each platform is from the rear form Vienna Drive. At the front of each platform is an emergency exit (without a gate) that requires jaywalking to get to the platform. The only amenity on each platform for waiting passengers is a single, green canopy structure.
All Photos taken on 18 January, 2014

A train has departed off in the distance
The Mountain View Platform
The station attempts to serve a subdivision
Looking across the wide intersection of Vienna Drive to the other platform
Each platform has one legal entrance
Across half of Vienna Drive from the station platform
The trees and combined lammposts/catenary poles of the station
Across from a post on the Winchester platform
Home<California<VTA Light Rail<Mountain View — Winchester<Vienna
VTA Light Rail

Last Updated: 25 July, 2014
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
This section reflects VTA service patterns that are no longer accurate. Light Rail trains began operating on new routes and service patterns effective December 28, 2019. See the VTA Website for details
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