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Santa Teresa is the terminus of the Guadalupe Line that runs in the middle of freeways from downtown and opened on April 25, 1991. Leading into this station trains curve under the eastbound lanes of the freeway and curve south a slight distance. The station has a single island platform with tail tracks extending (they can store maybe three cars) to the edge of Santa Teresa Blvd after crossing a driveway that serves the station parking lots and even has crossing gates. Trains relay using crossover switches before entering the station. Along the west side of the island platform is a ten bay, on two parallel pedestrian islands, bus loop. Surrounding the bus loop are two separate parking lots, with 1,555 spaces (the largest on the line) connected by the driveway at the southern end of the platform and bus loop. Each has its own entrance from Santa Teresa Blvd. The platform itself has two arched canopy structures each held up by a set of tiled columns with Santa Teresa written in white on brown tiles, entrances are at both ends, the driveway crossing at the southern end and a pedestrian crossing to the parking lots on both sides.
All Photos: 20 February, 2012

LRV #943 not in service but already signed for another trip to Alum Rock
Looking through a shelter at LRV #934
Santa Teresa on the canopy tiling
Two LRVs both say Santa Teresa on their destination signs
This grade-crossing with gates leads just to train storage tracks beyond the platform
The two track platform with parking lots on each side
LRV #981B on the fenced off storage tracks beyond the platform at the line's bumper-block
LRV #981B
Sign for the light rail station with an oddly placed wheelchair logo
Santa Teresa concrete entrance column
Cars in the parking lot trains in the distance
Looking across to an open train getting ready to leave for another trip to Santa Teresa
A bike prepares to board LRV #911B
A Santa Teresa platform canopy
The doors prepare to close
Home<California<VTA Light Rail<Alum Rock — Santa Teresa<Santa Teresa
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Last Updated: 6 June, 2018
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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