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Penitencia Creek is a VTA Light Rail Station in the middle of Capital Avenue with two completely offset platforms so trains stop at the far side (after crossing the intersection) of Gilchrist Drive. Gilchrist Drive becomes the driveway to with a line of bus stops (four blue shelters) before a small turnaround loop that ends at the entrance to a school bus parking lot. This driveway also has the entrance to the stations small 53 space park & ride lot. Gilhurst Drive also provides the only legal entrance to each platform although the other emergency exit end doesn't have a proper fence to keep people from jaywalking.

The name of the station comes from the name of a creek that trains pass over just north of the station, and Penitencia Creek Road, running one block north of the station. The platforms each have a single tan colored canopy structure with a maroon roof. The skylights of these structures are painted glass with a design based on California Poppy plants by Jean Whitesavage and Nick Lyle. There are also blue railings that resemble leafs of the Blue Oak by the same artists. The floor of the platform has decorative designs and colors by Victor Zaballa here. There is a tall triangular pillar with mosaic designs on it that resemble trees in abstract colors, Entry markers by Wick Alexander. This pillar is just beyond the park & ride lot entrance.
All Photos: 28 February, 2012

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Across from the Santa Teresa-bound platform
The poppy plant skylights
The canopies covering an information panel
Looking across Gilchrist at the other platform and Park & Ride lot across the street
Entering the Alum Rock-bound platform
Crossing to head towards the Park & Ride lot
The station's bus loop and a school bus in it's parking lot in the distance
A VTA Park & Ride sign and an entrance column behind
The plaque for the Garden Variety: Entrance Marker is on the Park & Ride entrance pylon
Across from one of the station platforms
Garden Variety: Entrance Marker
Garden Variety: Entrance Marker
Garden Variety: Entrance Marker
Time to cross twice to get to this platform from the bus loop
The four bay bus loop
Across from the Alum Rock platform
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Home<California<VTA Light Rail<Alum Rock — Santa Teresa<Penitencia Creek
VTA Light Rail

Last Updated: 9 June, 2018
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
This section reflects VTA service patterns that are no longer accurate. Light Rail trains began operating on new routes and service patterns effective December 28, 2019. See the VTA Website for details
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