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Great Mall/Main is an elevated station and the first stop on the second phase of the Tasman West/Capital extension that opened on June 24, 2004. The station is located on an elevated concrete guideway above the middle of Great Mall Parkway (the street Tasman Drive becomes when it enters Mipitas) over the intersection of South Main Street. The station has a single island platform for the two track line. Along this island platform are two white canopy structures. The glass on the underside of these is etched with images of corn and other agricultural products and is part of Shelter Canopy Glass by Deborah Mersky. The elevated has white mesh walls to keep passengers from falling off and this has Safety Fence Art Panels by John Okulick to provide some bursts of color.

To leave the platform are exits off of it at either end. The western end has a staircase an elevator shaft directly down to the west side of the middle of the intersection of Great Mall Parkway and Main Street. The eastern end is more complicated. A staircase leads down along with an elevator to the eastern side of this intersection. These both have (and the elevator stops at) middle intermediate landings. This landing leads to footbridge with white slightly arched walls that leads to the north side of Great Mall Parkway. Here a staircase and another elevator lead down to the eastern side of the Great Mall/Main Transit Center. This consists of a bus loop with 10 bus bays with a pedestrian island in the middle, buses cross inside to access it design. The bus island has three white bus shelters for waiting passengers; there is silver Sculptural seating by Deborah Mersky. The actual mall is just across a quite small (maybe 30 space) parking lot from the station.
All Photos: 28 February, 2012

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A block from the station at the start of the Park & Ride lot/Transit Center
Looking across to the bus loop
Sign at the entrance to the station's bus loop
The main bus loop entrance
The Great Mall/Main Bus Loop
Buses in the bus loop
TThe VTA park & Ride sign for Great mall/Main and tower for the bridge from it to the elevated station
The elevated bridge to across Great Mall Parkway
Under the bridge to the platforms from the bus loop/transit center
Staircase from the bus loop entrance via a bridge
View beneath the elevated station
The freight rail grade-crossing beneath the station
Text for Great Mall/Main on the aireal guideway
A freight line crosses beneath the station making the intersection super-complicated
The stairs at the bus loop entrance
Looking down on the bus loop, AC Transit Route 217 stops in the station
Hills beyond the station
The pedestrian bridge from the bus loop
The elevated line and a grade-crossing below
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Home<California<VTA Light Rail<Alum Rock — Santa Teresa<Great Mall/Main
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