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Blossom Hill is a VTA Light Rail Station located in the median of the Valley Freeway (CA-85). It is the northernmost stop in the middle of this freeway after the train line transitions (the Ohlone-Chynowth Station is besides the freeways) out of the median of the Guadalupe Freeway. The stop consists of a single island platform where the newer middle of the platform that has been rebuilt and raised a few inches for level boarding in the mid-2000s is clearly higher than the original platform from the stations opening on April 25, 1991. (built for high-level LRVs that needed mini-high platforms). The middle of the platform has a single canopy structure with tiled columns that include tiling for Blossom Hill above the directions of the two station exits.

There are exits at both ends of the station, both leading to pedestrian walkways under the elevated freeway; the concrete has blue circular accents to add a bit of color. The main one is at the southern end of the station and has a staircase/up escalator and elevator accessed by a tiny walkway beyond them. This leads to the main entrance to the station's park & ride lot with a total of 511 spaces that stretch south to Blossom Hill Road located between this road, the freeway and Canoas Creek. The secondary exit is a single staircase down to a sidewalk that has a high fence splitting it off from the creek bed; it leads to the NW corner of the parking lot.
All Photos: 20 February, 2012

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Getting off a stoped train at the front of the 3 car platform
LRV #921 pushes a Santa Teresa-bound train
Approaching the northern end of the platform that hasn't been raised and a train can no longer stop here
An info planel on the platform
The single staircase down to the northest exit
Some wall artwork at the north east exit under the freeway alongside a creekbed
The northern entrance to Blossom Hill
The northern entrance to Blossom Hill and a pillar
Heading up the northern platform staircase
The start of the higher platform addition for low-floor LRVs
The canopy in the middle of the platform not really near where trains stop
The windscreen on the bench
heading towards the southern exit as the platform becomes lower
The main staircase, esclalator and elevator closed for maintenance exit at the end of the platform
A Blossom Hill information sign
Staircae and escalator down to the bottom of the elevator closed for referbishment
Down the staircase
The dark tunnel to the parking lot
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