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San Marcos Civic Center is the central station of the eastern stretch of double tracking and just east of the station the passenger and freight lines divide with the beginning of the 1.7 mile elevated San Marcos Loop. The station has two side platforms with 3 canopies each. These have a non-standard design of stone piles replacing what is normally concrete and lime green supports holding up entirely white roof. The platform's eastern end is the grade-crossing of Woodward Street/San Marcos Blvd, the western ends are connected by a pedestrian grade crossing and there is a fence between the platforms. The station is just south of Mission Road and the Oceanside-bound platform is along a sidewalk that includes a bus stop. The Escondido-bound platform also has a sidewalk which leads to eHealthQuest's building beyond its parking lot. The Sprinter's website claims the parking structure of the Civic Center across Vineyard Road (what it labels as Woodward Street/San Marcos Blvd) is for transit usage as well.
All Photos taken on 21 March, 2011

DMUs #4012 and #4011 pass each other in the station
The doors close on DMU #4012
DMU #4011 prepares to leave
Bike boxes beyond the station platform
Sign across the tracks on the street for the station
South of the station, the freight track diverges from the new SPRINTER tracks
Home<California<Sprinter<San Marcos Civic Center

Last Updated: 9 May, 2011
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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