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1997 to 2005
Mission San Diego

Mission San Diego was originally used as the terminus of extended Blue Line when the station opened on November 23, 1997. Service was replaced by the Green Line when the Mission Valley Extension opened on July 8, 2005 extending it to meet the Orange Line. The stations is on a low concrete elevated guideway above the parking lot for a 24 hour fitness. There is no designated park & ride lot at this station. It's western end is where the line crosses over Ward Road. The station has the standard two side platforms with the slightly elevated sides to accommodate S70 LRVs. These each have two small, red double wide bus shelter like canopies with benches beneath them for waiting passengers. All lampposts are red along with the fences at the edges of the platforms. The area of the track beds are simple concrete allowing crossings to occur anywhere. There are curb-cut ramps down to track level at each end of the platforms to allow for wheelchair crossings. All station access is from the southern Santee-bound platform, there is a staircase at the western end which leads down to Ward Road. A ramp leads from the eastern end of the platform gently going down across the 24 hour fitness parking lot before reaching Rancho Mission Road.
All Photos taken on 22 March, 2011

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S70 #3011 stops at the station, bound for Santee
S70 #3011 and a train leaves the station
One of the bus style double shelters on the platform
Ramp down to leave the platform
Parking is beneath the elevated guideway of the station but is for 24 hour fitness
Sign at the station entrance, still blue, from the blue line's previous existence at the station
The ramp up to the platform
The parking lot and elevated guideway beyond
The entrance to the 24 hour fitness parking lot beneath the light rail guideway
It is a tow away zone beneath the station due to 24 hour fitness
An ADA platform cut in the slightly raised side platforms to cross the tracks
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