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Lemon Grove Depot is located along a curve in a developing town center of Lemon Grove. The station has the standard two side platforms which run north from Broadway's grade crossing. Along the southern side of this crossing, across from the station is an oversized yellow-metal sculpture for the city of subdivisions established in 1977. The Gillespie-field bound platform runs along Lemon Grove Avenue and is shelterless. The Downtown-bound platform contains a modern wooden replica of the historic depot built circa 1899. This is a shingled building with a non-public enclosed area and a tall cupola on a second story. There is a small outdoor covered area extending from the roof line with TVMs and benches that provide the only shelter for waiting passengers. Ramps and staircases lead down a short ways to Main Street just south of the station. The entire complex is dedicated to Dr. Robert 'Bob' Burns.
All Photos taken on 22 March, 2011

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