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1990 to 2012
Convention Center

Convention Center is the middle stop of the Waterfront Extension which opened on June 30, 1990. The station is closed from April 9, 2012 for about two months to allow the construction of the higher 2 inch platforms for S70 operations. The stop has two side platforms which begin and run south of 1st Avenue's grade crossing. Each platform has a single red more modern looking but bench-less shelter. The Downtown/Old Town-bound platform has a large decorative 2D shape on the top of it with Convention Center written inside it. This platform has a low fence along it but entrances in addition to the grade crossing from the plaza it is alongside a plaza just before the entrance to the Harborside Condominiums. The 12th & Imperial-bound platform is directly alongside the Martin Luther King Promenade (which has a freight track on the opposite side of it). Entry (other than by crossing the station tracks at a grade, legal everywhere) though is only from the grade-crossing because of a fence that seperates the path from the platform for its entire length. There should at least be a gap to allow entry at its southern end.
All Photos taken on 20 March, 2011

Approaching one end of the platform on the Martin Luther King promenade, no way to enter because of a fence
The fenced off southern end of the platform
One of the single platform canopies
Hard to see decorative name text for the station
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Last Updated: 5 July, 2012
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