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Civic Center Station is an original opening day San Diego Trolley Station which opened in 1981. The station is along C Street which is only opened to trolley traffic for the block of the station (many of the areas without stations have a single lane of traffic for each direction along each side of the tracks). The station has the standard two side platforms that are basically at track level with tactile warning strips. These run between Third and Second Avenues and the only amenities along each is a single, red curvy roof bus shelter with a little bit of red fencing to keep the platform separated from the sidewalk.

The stop was closed from May 14 thru Early August 2012 to be fully rebuilt for S70 higher level platform operations. This renovation added modern green fencing and simple green metal and glass windscreens along each platform replacing the older red furniture.
Photo 1 taken on 15 March, 2008; Photos 2-9 taken on 20 March, 2011; 10-14: 21 March, 2011; 15-26: 22 June, 2013; 27-39: 28 December, 2019

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