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City of Industry Station is a Metrolink Station that opened on June 14, 1993 as one of the original stations on the Riverside Line. The station has a single side platform located along only the north track of the two-track line. This platform begins just north (Los Angeles-bound end due to the looping nature of this Union Pacific Railroad Line) of the Brea Canyon Road underpass and runs north.

This platform contains 5 small mostly exposed to the elements platform shelter structures made out of wood. Four are along the track and designed to serve waiting train passengers, and a fifth is closer to the edge of the platform at the station’s main drop off loop. The station signs all say at least City of Industry. A couple say Welcome to City of Industry. Finally, there is a unique sign on the back of a newspaper box (with the old Metrolink logo etched into it). This sign says, “This Station Was built by the City of Industry for Business and Commerce.” The station originally had a second platform but it was removed and demolished around 2007, when the Riverside Line’s fate as a rush hour only, not all day service line due to the Union Pacific Railroad not allowing additional track access was clear.

The platform is along a large, over 1200 space, Park and Ride lot. In 2012 solar panels were installed, covering many of the parking spaces. The lot now includes 64 electric vehicle charging stations. There is also a pedestrian entrance to the platform at its southern, LA-bound end. Here, from just north of the Brea Canyon Road underpass, is a long and switchbacking ramp, this ramp was partially built because the only entrance to the former Track 2 platform was on the opposite side of the tracks along this sidewalk with the former fenced off ramp up to it still intact from the sidewalk.

Finally at the northwest corner of the parking lot (quite far away from the Metrolink Platform) is Foothill Transit’s Industry Park & Ride. This park and ride for bus passengers and contains a 4 deck 750 space parking structure. At the base is the bus stop for Foothill Transit Routes and 482 and 495. 482 is a local transit route serving the surrounding area including to the next stop at Pomona, 495 is like Metrolink and operates Monday through Friday in the Peak Hours, peak direction only to and from Downtown Los Angeles. This parking structure, like the Metrolink station is closed on weekends and overnight parking is prohibited. Otherwise, all parking at the station is free. This parking structure is definitely newer than the Metrolink Station with 4 sawtooth bays of a now abandoned bus loop area just north of the platform, these have a small sign that says Smoking Area by them and some large ashtrays.
All Photos taken on August 4, 2024

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Home<California<Metrolink<Riverside Line<Industry

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