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Trains began stopping at Downtown Burbank (station signs just say Burbank) with the first day of regular Metrolink service on October 26, 1992. Today it receives 29 inbound and 30 outbound trips to and from Los Angles per weekday, ten of these round-trips are on the Ventura County Line, 14 are on the Antelope Valley line and the rest are scoots between Union Station and Bob Hope Airport. There are six Antelope Valley round-trips on Saturdays and three on Sundays. Amtrak Pacific Surfliner and Coast Starlight trains all bypass the station except for the first morning southbound Surfliner Amtrak train #768 that stops at the station as part of the Rail 2 Rail program. This one trip (and an outbound one that doesn't stop at Downtown Burbank) accepts all Metrolink (not just monthly) tickets. The stop is only stopped at for Metrolink patrons with Amtrak not listing the station as a stop in Arrow so I don't consider it an actual Amtrak station, it doesn't appear in the . Connecting bus service directly at the station is from BurbankBus blue and pinkroutes, Glendale Beeline Metrolink Line, and seven local Metro Bus Routes.

The current permanent station was dedicated on July 16, 1998 as a plaque says. The station is located along Front Street below the Golden Sate Freeway. The station has two side platforms that begin and run north from the overpass of Olive Avenue above the station and I-5. The tracks have a fence between them and a pedestrian grade crossing with a bell/light post at either end of the platform. Each of these platforms has four little green shelters with windscreens behind them covering benches. The station stop is announced to passengers from silver letters (spelling just Burbank Station) on top of these shelters. The west platform, for track 2 for trains to Los Angeles, is secondary and the main parking lot for the stops 450 total spaces is along it.

The east platform contains the station's bus loop and two more parking lots sweeping north. At the southern end of this platform is where the main pedestrian access is to Downtown Burbank (across I-5) with first a staircase around an elevator on the north side up to the Olive Avenue overpass and a back-up long wheelchair ramp on the southside farther away from the station. This is where the station house is for the intermodal station. There is not an indoor waiting area but a green open air canopy building with restrooms (doors directly from outside), a portion houses the http://www.burbankbike.org/Burbank Bike Stop, an indoor bike parking area and repair stand, and a vending area out to the open air (still closed and gated off on a Saturday morning).
Photos 1-27 taken on 14 April, 2006, 28-46 on 25 February, 2012

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The bus loop at Downtown Burbank, viewed from the Olive Avenue Overpass, with a bus in it and a MetroLink train in the background
Looking down from the highway overpass passengers detrain from a northbound reverse peak train
BiLevel Cab-Car #627, at the back of Ventura County Line Train #103 bound for Chatsworth, leaves Downtown Burbank
BiLevel Cab-Car #627, the 4 cars of Ventura County Line Reverse Peak Train #103 bound for Chatsworth, leaves Downtown Burbank
Looking up to the elevator shaft up to the Olive Avenue Overpass that leads across I-5 and to the real downtown of Burbank
Looking down the northbound/outbound platform at Downtown Burbank
Their is room for a third track at Downtown Burbank
Looking across to the station house at Downtown Burbank
Looking down the tracks at Downtown Burbank
Dented P42 #116 leads Central Coast Surfliner #799, the only Surfiner left with Horizon Cars towards Downtown Burbank.
Dented P42 #116 enters Downtown Burbank
Amtrak Cabbage (demotored F40-PH) #90208 at the back of Central Coast Surfliner #799 leaving Downtown Burbank (I don't see why this train needs an additional Heritage Baggage Car in addition to the Cabbage)
Amtrak Cabbage (demotored F40-PH) #90208 and Central Coast Surfliner #799 leaves Downtown Burbank, It has 4 Horizon Coaches and a Baggage Car.
Amtrak Cabbage (demotored F40-PH) #90208 and Central Coast Surfliner #799 have left Downtown Burbank bound for San Louis Obispo.
F59PH #859 leads a 5 car reverse-peak Antelope Valley Line train #203 bound for Via Princessa approaching Downtown Burbank
F59PH #859 enters Downtown Burbank
BiLevel Cab-Car #636 on the back of a outbound Antelope Valley Line train with Bilevel Cab Car #639 entering the station in the background on a L.A.-bound train
Passengers detrain from reverse peak Antelope Valley Line Train #203 bound for Via Princessa, the last car is Cab Car #639
BiLevel Cab-Cars #636 and #639, both stopped at Downtown Burbank
BiLevel Cab-Car #636 stopped at Downtown Burbank
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Home<California<Metrolink<Antelope Valley Line<Burbank
Home<California<Metrolink<Ventura County Line<Burbank

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