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Camarillo was built is one of the 'three day miracle' stations built by US Navy Seabees based at Port Hurricane after the Northridge Earthquake. It opened on February 14, 1994 and today still only receives service from three-daily peak direction only Metrolink trains. Amtrak started stopping some San Diegan trains at the station effective with the May 1994 timetable but might have sooner. All but one of the five daily roundtrip Surfliner trains stop at the station. Just one southbound trip does not. Train #790 has a timed meet for a Metrolink train during the PM Rush hour and could stop at the station on the opposite east platform which doesn't currently meet ADA compliancy standards, although there is a tactile warning strip, and a Metrolink wheelchair ramp. I guess there isn't an Amtrak required mobile-lift so it can stop there.

The station has two platforms, although only track 1 is used along the two rack railroad. There are posts for a fence between the two tracks but no fence has been installed. The station has no actual shelters or canopies except for the wide overpass of US-101 above the station that would provide ample cover from rain. A footbridge connects the two platforms with long ramps at either end for access. Track 1, where trains actually stop is simply a wide sidewalk with a tactile warning strip between the station and a parking lot. VISTA Intercity Buses stop directly across the platform. This is also where the majority of the 406 parking spaces at the station are. Metrolink TVMs are directly out in the open and there are modern lampposts and concrete benches along the platform. There is the wheelchair ramp for Metrolink trains and there is a Mobile-lift surrounded by its own little fence with a gate to serve Amtrak. Track 2 has as a simple platform with no amenities lacking accessible boarding features and has parking only at its northern (Los Angeles-bound) end.

The pillars of this overpass along the platforms and the parking lot just beyond Track 1 have been decorated with reliefs of horses called The Vision by Viqui McCaslin, assisted by Francisco Tapia Rodriquez. It plays honor to Camarillo White Horses, a new breed created by Alfanso Camarillo who founded the community in 1890. There are also hoof-prints in some of the concrete of the platform.
All Photos taken on 25 February, 2012

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Surfliner #763 stops in the station
F59PHI #461 is the motive power of Surfliner #774
The doors have closed time for F59PHI #461 to pull train #763 up to Goleta
Surfliner Coach/Baggage Cab Car is the last of train #763
The fenced off mobile-lift for Amtrak
The parking lot and road along the platform
Along the entrance road to the station
A VISTA bus stops at the station
A sign on the opposite unused track 2 platform
Detailing from The Vision
Detailing of The Vision
Plaque for The Vision
One of the TVMs
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Home<California<Metrolink<Ventura County Line<Camarillo
Home<Amtrak<Camarillo, CA

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