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Vermont/Sunset is a Red Line station that opened on June 12, 1999. The station has the usual single island platform and has extra elevators since it serves three major hospitals. The platform by metro standards has a non-vaulted ceiling with just a small area open and double-height (one pillar) by the mezzanine that is above the northern quarter of platform. The platform has simple, white columns with silver accents holding up a white ceiling.

Two combined staircases/escalators and two elevators (right at the norther end of the platform) lead up to the station's single mezzanine. The mezzanine is where Ecliptic/Illume by Michael Davis really shines that is a mixture of health care, si-fi, and the universe. The ceiling/type wall facing the end of mezzanine has a white column that has an orb-like top. The wall behind it right in front of someone going down to the platform has 3-D spheres connected by silver connections that look like they could be constellations or models of molecules (both are opposite ends of the spectrum). The columns of the mezzanine have unique silver light fixtures and the ceiling has a similar white look. The rest of the walls a dark blue.

At the northern end of the mezzanine (and above the northern end of the platform) are two separate banks of turnstiles. The west set leads out to only two elevators. These arrive at the surface in a small building with a blue and silver roof (ventilation for the elevators) at the NW corner of Vermont Avenue and Sunset Blvd. The east turnstiles leads out to two more elevators directly up to the surface and a staircase with escalators along either side that reach an intermediate landing, switchback and lead up to the surface. These lead up to an entrance plaza at the NE corner of Vermont Avenue and Sunset Blvd. The elevators have a neat silver and glass enclosure the lampposts along the escalator entrance are also silver and look older.
Photos 1-4 taken on 17 March, 2008, 5-44: 19 January, 2014

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The one mezzanine pre-turnstiles before each set of elevators
The two platform elevators on the mezzanine
There are two platform elevators here
The turnstiles to the elevator exit
A short walkway (and just one ticket machine) with blue walls
Looking back from one of the two elevators to the platform entrance
The second elevator in a corner
This elevator is arriving
The surface entrance that's elevator
Top of the one escalator entrance
The upper landing of two of the four elevators down to the station
Top of an escalator
Starting down the stairs
There is an intermediate landing just beneath the surface, the other escalaors are visible though a fence, a few palm trees are also down here
Continuing down to the mezzanine
The switchback intermediate landing
THe main entrance area
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