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7TH St/Metro Center/Julian Dixon is located beneath downtown Los Angeles and is the northern terminus of the Blue Line which was the first train to arrive at its upper level platforms on February 19, 1991, making this station the first underground station to open in Los Angeles. The Blue Line, was joined by the expo line on April 28, 2012 has two side platforms for two tracks and switches both before and after the station. Since the opening of the Expo Line trains are using the tracks beyond the station to relay and plenty of additional signs on station walls direct passengers to one platform for Expo or Blue Line Trains. On the platform itself there are also reminder signs to check the destination sign for Long Beach to Culver City to make sure your getting on the correct train. The red line stops at an island platform directly beneath's the blue line, it opened on January 30, 1993.

The levels of the station are connected directly by sets of two staircases plus an elevator that rise up from the red line platform to what are wide extensions of the blue line platform set at a perpendicular angle to where trains actually stop. These mezzanines are where The Movies: Fantasies, and The Movies: Spectacles by Joyce Kozloff is along the walls. The ends of each of these almost mezzanine areas at the same level and connected to the blue line platforms has turnstiles and then exits. Tap Readers for transferring passengers (not additional turnstiles) are located in the area between the staircases and Blue/Expo Line platforms. There is an additional small overpass with a single staircase/up escalator to from each of the northern ends of the blue line platforms that leads up to an exit in a building-front at the NE corner of 7th and Flower Street.
Photos 1-15 taken on 18 March, 2010 16-25 on 24 March, 2011, 26-34 on 20 June, 2013, 35-45 on 23 June, 2013; 46-47: 9 April, 2017

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The Red Line platform
One of the little mezzanines beyond a blue line platform
Station sign, there many different formats
Name text
The little overpass that connects the blue line platforms
Passengers leaving a just arrived blue line train
Text on a platform wall
Red Line platform sign and wall text
On the blue line platform Stairs/Escalators to the mezzanine are visible
One of the station entrances from the end of one of the blue line platforms
Up a staircase/escalators to a street
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