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Norwalk (originally named I-605/I-105, a completely Los Angeles Name) is the eastern terminus of the Green Line, which opened in its entirety on August 12, 1995. Most of the platform is located beneath I-605, the San Gabriel River Freeway that I-105, the Century Freeway is ending at the interchange above the station. The Norwalk Green Lines station isn't actually between the main lanes of I-105 (these end before the station) but access roads that continue and end at the intersection with Studebaker Road. At this terminus (like LAX) the Green Line comes up short of what would be an ideal terminus. This would be at the Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs Metrolink Station. Today an almost three mile, 15 minute bus ride on Norwalk Transit Route 4 a free transfer with a Metrolink ticket (and again to the green line) but requiring an extra fare with a Metro Day Pass.

The train station itself has two exits, one at either end. These each have an elevator at the extreme ends of the platform and a staircase (the eastern exit also has an escalator) to overpasses across the southbound lanes of the access road the train line is in the median of. These both lead to separate large park and ride lots with 2,050 in total spaces in both of them. According to Wikipeida the lots are full by 6am. This is the second most in LA County with the El Monte Busway station having 3,876. The eastern one includes the station's bus loop, with Metro Local, Metro Express, Norwalk Transit and Long Beach Transit Connections. The exits have little yellow roofs but there are no further canopies on the platform with the I-605 overpass and its large concrete columns in the middle of the platform providing enough shelter.

Artwork: Suka: Place of the Bees by Meg Cranston
Photos 1-6 taken on 18 March, 2010, 7-10 on March 24, 2011; 11-18: 13 April, 2018; 19-20: 1 November, 2019; 21-35: 5 November, 2019

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