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The historic SP Station in downtown Modesto is still in transit usage albeit not for passenger transit just for buses. It last saw passenger service just before Amtrak began in 1971. The depot has been turned into the Modesto Transpiration Center. It is home to Greyhound, with the ticket office inside the former railroad waiting room, Modesto Area Express (MAX) serving the city, and some buses from Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT) that serve the surrounding region. The depot was completed in 1915 and renovated into the present day transit center in 1993. It is a mission style building that looks like it was built with adobe. No signs of any former platform exist and a single track passes through the former station surrounded by ballast. The depot is located between the grade crossings of I and K Streets with J Street split into two sections by the depot. I Street just after the intersection of 9 Street (that is street parallel to the depot) has the Modesto arch with the works Water Wealth, Contentment, Health written in light bulbs. This arch was completed in 1912. The depot is surrounded by shelters designed in the same style of the historic depot to provide shelter to all of the waiting bus shelters. Tall fencing keeps people off the track along what was once the platform area. Inside the depot are a few wooden benches in an historic room with a few murals on the walls and the Greyhound ticket counter at one end.
All Photos taken on 14 February, 2012

Downtown Historic SP Station|Current Amtrak Station
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Looking across K Street's grade crossing to the station
K Street's crossing and the Modesto arch beyond
The track and its platform-less fenced off depot
The transit center bus bays across from the track
Looking across the track to the gated off former entrance from the non existent platform into the station
View from the I Street grade crossing
Ballast surrounds the station
A pile of ballast and depot beyond
Buses and taxis only into the Modesto Transportation Center
The start of one of the canopies in the mission style
Doors from the station out to Greyhound buses
What was once a platform and perhaps also a second track
One of the former covered areas beneath the depot fencing blocks off access to the track
The fenced off arch that was once the platform entrance
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Downtown Historic SP Station|Current Amtrak Station
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