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Carlsbad Poinsetta opened along with the rest of Coaster on February 27, 1995. The station is on a section of two track line and has two side platforms to serve these tracks. These platforms each have 3 canopy structures with three concrete pillars (with concrete benches between them) holding up teal colored metal beams supporting cream-colored arced roofs. There are additional concrete benches along the platform. The platforms are legally connected by grade crossings with bells at each end although there is no fence between the two tracks allowing anyone to run across the ballast. The main entrances are from the east platform. Here three bridges lead across a wash (flowing water only after storms), one in the middle and others each each end of this platform. These lead to an access road from Avendina Encinas and have a simple cinderblock restrooms structure (with a teal roof) in front of bike boxes. There is a bus stop for one line and behind this area is the station approximately 275 space parking lot. Behind this parking lot are some modern townhouses which constitute the station's transit oriented development. There are two additional sidewalks from the grade-crossings at each end of the western platform. The northern one leads diagonally to a gate (open from 6am to 7:30pm weekdays, 9:15 to 7:45pm Saturdays and 8:15 to 7:45 pm Sundays & Holidays) and then pathway between a wall and fence of a house to the end of Franciscan Road. The southern end has another sidewalk to another nearby subdivision (with I assume another gate with similar hours) to where Breakwater Road curves into Catamaran Drive. These are just two blocks away from the coast highway and the beach.
All Photos taken on 23 March, 2011

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A train stops in the station
A platform sign
Bombardier Cab Car #2305 leaves
Bombardier Cab Car #2305 keeps leaving
Bombardier Cab Car #2305 finishes leaving
Bridge over to the main entrance and parking lot
A grade crossing at one of the ends of the platforms
Looking down the tracks that don't have a fence between them
This low-lying wash the bridges cross
Bus stop on the edge of the station's parking lot
TVMs before the bridges over to the platforms
Bikes alongside the wash across to the platforms
Bike Boxes outside the Restrooms structure
A bridge across to the platforms
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Home<California<Coaster<Carlsbad Poinsettia

Last Updated: 10 May, 2011
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