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Stanford (Stadium) is a special events station open only during Stanford home gridiron football games (and other events at the Stadium). The platforms are well fenced off and gated to prevent trespassers and only open when the station is open. The station lacks a ticket machine. Passengers are required have a previously purchased Day Pass and "Those who need to buy a ticket after the game will need to board at the Palo Alto station on University Avenue, .6 miles north of the stadium station." The station even lacks Clipper Validators: "Customers traveling with a Clipper card (8-ride Ticket or Clipper cash) are advised to use the Palo Alto station. The Stanford Stadium station doesn't have Clipper machines. An alternative is to purchase a paper Day Pass at your origin station." The platforms are well fenced off keeping trespassers out and I assume someone from Caltrain customer service or police is stationed at the station before and after games when the station is open. The station has also received service for other special events such as the 1994 World Cup when the stadium hosted 6 matches (after the last match, a Swedish quarterfinal win over Romania I found an article about vandalism and vomit on Caltrain by partying Swedish fans) and Super Bowl XIX in 1985. The station is still about a third of a mile away from the Stadium itself across El Camino Real.
All Photos taken on 12 June, 2013

Looking at the fenced of end of San Jose-bound platform
The yellow line of the special events platform as ballast spills onto it
The platform is along the Embarcadero Bike Path
Perhaps that ballast is at a dip in the platform
This part of the platform looks like its in decent shape for a special events stop
The platform has a blue I need boarding assistance square
There isn't a fence between the tracks!
The signage along the Sanf Francisco-bound platform. There is an older generation brown sign (22nd Street is the only other stop with one) and the usual directional signs,
A brown Stanford sign on the gate to the San Jose-bound platform, along with bike path signs
There is enough of a gap for the Embarcadero bridge the station is built over that here there isn't a high fence
The bike path sign and fence for Embarcadero Road
The San Jose-bound platform and more signs on the San Francisco-bound one
The underpass with separate paths for pedestrians the station is built above
Painted lettering for the ramp up to the Northbound platform
An old locked gate at the bottom of the ramp up to the Northbound platform
There is a second ramp from the other sidewalk to trains
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Last Updated: 12 February, 2014
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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