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Hayward Park is a minor, local Caltrain station that receives service only hourly and has been the subject of proposed closings during Caltrain budget deficits. The current station opened in November 1999 getting relocated a couple blocks south from 16 Avenue & South B Street. The station was relocated because the old stop was on a curve and I assume to be able to build to side platforms and illuminate the station from being a hold out station requiring only one train to stop at the station at a time. The current station has two simple wide ADA accessible platforms with pedestrian grade crossings at each end and a long fence running down the middle between the two tracks. The freeway of CA-92, 19th Avenue Freeway (the original street here)/J. Aurthur Younger Freeway, cross above the train line at the southern end of the station platforms. The only amenities for waiting passengers are three bus shelters along the San Jose-bound platform and two along the San Francisco-bound platform. Signage is a couple of red Hayward Park with white text signs and the Caltrain logo on each side. The west, San Francisco-bound side of the station has the station's 213 space paid parking lot. This parking lot has its entrance at its southern end from Concar Drive that curves south along the train line and becomes Pacific Blvd. A walkway leads from the northern end of the parking lot along the tracks, running a block up to 16 Avenue and South Railroad Avenue where the original station was. From the east, San Jose-bound platform are two sidewalk exits, one leads from the middle of the platform to Leslie Street a bit north of Gum Street. At the northern end of the platform a sidewalk leads along the railroad line to the dead end at the tracks of 17 Avenue.
All Photos taken on 12 June, 2013

Getting off a San Jose-bound rush hour train
A red sign and TVMs
A Southbound train leaves
Crossing the tracks there is a gap between the end of the platform and the pedestrian crossing
This sign outside the platform has Caltrain logos on it
The parking loop outside the station
Area between the platform and parking lots
A sign outside the bus stop along the entrance to the parking lot
A Hayward Park Station sign and a shuttle bus behind it
ADA spaces and the station platforms beyond
Grass and trees and the platform beyond
Sign that Train #221 is approaching
A San Francisco-bound train enters
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Last Updated: 16 February, 2014
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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