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Broadway is a weekend only Caltrain Station and has been since August 1, 2005 because attempts to renovate the station to have two side platforms instead of the current side platform along the San Jose-bound track and level-crossing boarding area to the San Francisco-bound platform haven't come to fruition. Current proposals include grade-separating the line at the grade-crossing of Broadway. The station though receives enough commuters from its surrounding area to warrant Caltrain continuing to operate the rush hour shuttle (Atherton, the other now weekend only hold-out station had its shuttle discontinued because of a lack of ridership in 2007) with a free shuttle running to and from the Millbrae BART Station during rush hour. The lack of weekday service doesn't mean the 119 parking spaces at the station are free, it charges the same fee as all the other Caltrain Stations.

The station with its hold-out platform design is located just south of the grade-crossing of Broadway with the parking it along and narrow lot between the station and parallel California Drive. The only amenities for waiting passengers are four black, bus stop style shelters. Between the parking lot and Broadway is an old but small concrete building covered in ivy. I believe this is the original station house and occupied by Brio, a now closed Italian restaurant.
All Photos taken on 14 June, 2013

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Approaching the station in its small parking lot
Numbered parking spaces, you still have to pay for just weekend service
Looking over the pushes at the Galley Car leading a San Francisco-bound train
F40 #912 pushes a San Francisco-bound train, bypassing the hold-out station
F40 #912 and its galley cars continue through
A parking lot view
The entrance to the southern end of the platform, lots of yellow don't stand here
The southern end of the hold-out platform. Caltrain has been trying to rebuild the station into a regular stop
A landscaped area across from a different California Avenue
The Broadway Station entrance pillar
Some cars are parked, with the riders taking the rush hour only shuttle up to Millbrae for BART and Caltrain
Looking over a bike rack and at the bright yellow platforms
The two side platform station
A shelter
The only name signs is white Broadway lettering
Sign on this shelter that weekday service ceased on August 1, 2005
The parking lot and No Weekday service sign
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Last Updated: 7 March, 2014
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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