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Atherton (Weekends Only)
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Atherton is a hold-out station with trains stopping only on weekends since August 1, 2005. The reason for the service discontinuation is to have more express service and not have trains stopping in Atherton (at least in the San Francisco direction) not block both tracks preventing all San Jose-bound service from passing through the station. The introduction of Baby Bullet Express service was the main impedes. Caltrain has been trying to build a new side platform for San Francisco-bound trains but is unable to reach an agreement with local officials. NIMBYism also probably plays a role with a line of trees along the San Francisco-bound track separating it from the backyards of large homes. Shuttle service was provided during weekday rush hours to Redwood City to replace train service but low ridership resulted it its discontinuation on July 1, 2007.

The station begins at the grade crossing of Fair Oaks Lane and runs southeast. It consists of a side platform along the San Jose-bound track with pedestrian crossings to a quite large boarding area between the tracks for San Francisco-bound trains. The boarding area and edge of the side platform is simply painted yellow. There are no tactile warning strips. The station isn't ADA compliant. For waiting passengers there is a large shelter with light brown and cream walls, casement windows on three sides and columns on the platform side. Inside are a couple wooden benches and the station's TVM and Clipper Card reader. Parking is around here with 96 spaces, passing through the parking lot is Dinkelspiel Station Lane. Also along the platform are 12 cream colored bike boxes, I assume installed before 2005 and now are most likely completely unused since train service is weekends only.
All Photos taken on 12 June, 2013

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Approaching the station, there are some parked cars
Bike Boxes
F40 #910 approaches to bypass the station, its a weekday
F40 #910 continues to high-ball it through Atherton
The blur of the Caltrain logo on F40 #910
The Galley Cab-Car of the back of a San Jose-bound train fade off into the distance
The hold-out station with its various level crossings
The don't stand here signs and yellow lines
Sign that effective August 1, 2005, weekend service only
The tar of the grade crossings to the hold-out middle platform for San Francisco-bound trains
The open air historic canopy
The ADA bench and waiting area behind it
Information, not that many notices about weekends only
The columns outside the station building
A wooden Atherton sign hangs in the historic waiting shelter
There is one TVM below the sign in the waiting shelter
Casement windows of the windscreens around the waiting shelter
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Home<California<Caltrain<Atherton (Weekends Only)

Last Updated: 14 February, 2014
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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