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Montgomery Street is a stop on the Market Street Subway. The station's lower-level opened for BART service on November 5, 1973 for what was originally the terminus of San Francisco only service to and from Daly City (Some service in the East Bay began on September 11, 1972). The stop became an intermediate stop with the opening of the Transbay Tubes on September 16, 1974. The upper level entered service by Light Rail vehicles with the opening of the MUNI Metro in February 1980. During construction of the Market Street subway the user of the upper level was unknown, originally it was designed for a second BART line serving other parts of San Francisco and also continuing across the Golden Gate to serve Marin County. The station has three levels, the uppermost level is an entrance concourse, the middle level is used by MUNI for LRVs, and the lower level by BART with the usual separate fare control areas, each system has two. Decorative, the mezzanine has white hexagonal tiles that are slightly circular disks. These are along platform and street escalators and stairs. The track walls of the Upper Level MUNI platform have a midsection painted blue with ads. The lower level BART track walls have a maroon trim line and grey walls.

Starting at the NE end of the mezzanine is the elevator down to both platforms. BART elevator passengers activate their fare cards at a special Machine and MUNI riders have Clipper Targets for POP. Next is the smaller BART fare control area with two banks of fare gates and a single set of escalators with a staircase in between down to the lower-level BART platform. The north side is the only side not within fare control. An underground passageway leads to an up escalator/staircase to the NW corner of Sansome Street and Sutter Street. The street elevator is nearby up to the Market Street and Sutter Street. Across from here is a staircase from the south side Market Street (500 Block) (Exit B3). Continuing down the mezzanine, the north MUNI entrance is reached. This has a bank of faregates and a single up escalator/staircase down to near the end of the MUNI platform (with a special corridor to the elevator at the far end). Right at this entrance are two staircases up to each side of Market Street; one is at the SE corner with Second Street. The mezzanine then gets narrower (only along the SE side) because of a non-public area. Then the main BART fare control area is reached, this has two staircases/escalators down to the BART platform (going through the MUNI Platform). From the northside is a streetstair up to Market Street at the corner of Montgomery Street and walkway into the Wells Fargo Building. Finally the concourse ends with a final, second entrance to the MUNI Metro with a simple single set of escalators/staircases. Just before the MUNI metro entrance is an entrance directly from the suck-in McKesson Plaza at the corner of Market, Post, and Montgomery Streets and a conventional up escalator/staircase to the SW corner of Market Street and New Montgomery Streets.
Photo 1-3: 20 March, 2008, 4-17: 15 March, 2010, 18: 21 February, 2012, 19 & 20: 11 June, 2013, 21-43: 15 June, 2013,

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Waiting for BART
The still grey trimline and sign for 5 BART Cars
A Montgomery platform sign
An SFO Airport Train stopped
High and low track wall signs
An enclosed staircase to leave the BART platform
Inside the main BART fare control area
The entrance to MINI with its first generation turnstiles that printed POP receipt cards
A plaza entrance
Sign for the 6 Metro lines on an escalator into the station
An old hard to read sign tells passengers their entering Montgomery
A BART entrance
Walkway outside of BART
Behind a MUNI entrance with BART opposite
The single escalator/staircase down to MUNI
The moving MUNI Map for the location of trains
The blue walls of the MUNI level
The Walls of the BART level, there is now a red trimline, ads and newer signs
Getting off of BART
The main BART escalators and fare gates behind
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