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Glen Park is an underground BART station in southern San Francisco. The station has the usual single island platform for the two-track line and opened on November 5, 1973. The station is a prime example of the brutalist style and is full of bare concrete, it is quite deep at 60 feet beneath the surface but the square concrete station house located at street level (no intermediate mezzanines) allows sunlight to reach down to the platform and passengers notice the depth on the two escalators, staircase and elevator that provide vertical circulation. The station house is located in a triangular plaza bounded by Bosworth Street to the north, Diamond Street to the west and busy San Jose Avenue along its SE side; I-280 is just beyond. The landscaped plaza has two sets of fare gate areas on its north and west sides. After leaving fare control passengers must continue up ramps and steps in the plaza outside the station to finally reach the surface. The MUNI J Line is located in a private ROW the middle of San Jose Avenue near the station that resembles a freeway. It's Glen Park stop is accessed via a footbridge covered in graffiti with separate staircases down to the platform. This footbridge starts across Monterey Blvd behind the station. The station is also the only stop in San Francisco with a parking lot. There is a small 53 space lot with unique restrictions of 5 hours of free parking only after 9am (its closed before 9am) across Bosworth Street from the station.
Photo 1-5: 20 March, 2008; 6-12: 14 June, 2014; 13-23: 15 June, 2014

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The long escalators allow light down to the underground platform
A train departs
A Glen Park platform sign
The fare gates and the steps in a plaza out to the street
Going back down an escalator to the platform
The station house lets a lot of light down to the platform
Marble artwork in the mezzanine
The airy station house with plenty of skylights
A staircase with a wide shaft letting light down to the platform below
The fare gates and information booth
An escalator and AddFare machines
A train stops in the station
Bike boxes and a side of the station house
The angled skylight roof of the station house
Down a level into the main plaza with the station house and fare gates
A booth inside the outdoor entrance plaza
A BART pillar outside the station building, this staircase goes down because of hills and overpasses
Another plaza view
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