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Fruitvale is one of the original BART stations that opened on September 11, 1972. The station consists of two side platforms for two tracks on a concrete elevated guideway. The area around the station has has been built up into a transit village with a new 3 level parking garage built between 2002-2004 These platforms have canopies (with of plexiglass windscreens) for their middle thirds. The platforms have canopies with plexiglass windscreens over their middle sections and low concrete walls at the outdoor ends. The framework holding up lampposts, signs and windscreens is a simple brown color. The transit village hasn't extended to station renovations. To leave the station two staircases and an escalator plus an elevator lead down to a ground-level fare control area. It has glass walls and fare gates only at its northern end. The southern end are emergency exits that should ideally be more fare gates out to 35th Avenue that crosses under the station here. From the exit, the Fruitvale Transit Village is along the north/east side of the train line. Along the west side is a series of bus stops that make a loop taking up two blocks from 35th Avenue to 33 Avenue. The 3 level parking garage is just north of the station and 33rd Avenue. There are a total of 1,268 parking spaces mainly in this parking garage plus in lots south of 35th Avenue.
Photo 1-15: 21 April, 2006, 16-40: 13 June, 2013

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Looking down the southbound platform at Fruitvale underneath the canopy
A southbound train of C-Cars leaves Fruitvale
A southbound train of C-Cars exits Fruitvale
A southbound train of C-Cars has left Fruitvale
Looking across to the San Francisco bound platform at Fruitvale
C1 #308 leads a 4 car train for SF/Daly City approaching Fruitval
C1 #308 enters Fruitvale
C1 #308 and a 4 car train for SF/Daly City stops at Fuitvale
C1 #308 and a 4 car train for SF/Daly City stopped at Fruitvale
A 4 car train of C-Cars bound for SF/Daly City leaves Fruitvale
Looking down the platforms at Fruitvale
A platform sign at Fruitvale
A Car #1220 and an 8 car train for Fremont approach Fruitvale with the Oakland Skyline in the background
A Car #1220 getting closer to Fruitvale
A Car #1220 and an 8 car train for Fremont enter Fruitvale
Getting off a Fremont-bound train
Looking down at the station's bus loop with two lines of stops
Buses on one side of the bus loop, cars and taxis on the other
A Fremont-bound train keeps leaving
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