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El Cerrito Plaza is an elevated BART station with two side platforms on a concrete guideway that opened on July 29, 1973. The platforms have bare concrete walls and framing including around the canopy structure (that includes beams crossing over the tracks) around the middle of the platform (covering about five cars). All passengers exit in this area down staircases, elevators and escalators that have some orange and brown mosaic tile to add a bit of color to the station. This exit plaza is located between Central Avenue and Fairmont Avenue that cross beneath the northern and southern ends of the station respectively. From the exit, parallel to the eastern side of the guideway and station is the Ohlone Greenway and includes a large slightly covered bike parking area including some bike boxes, beyond it is the smallest of the station's parking lots (the carpool lot a fee) and Richmond Street. Most of the station's 761 parking spaces ($1 fee) are west of the station in four lots that reach all the way to Liberty Street. There is an additional parking lot across Central Avenue north of the station.
Photo 1-10: 20 March, 2008, 11-23: 15 June, 2013

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Getting off a Richmond-bound train
A El Cerrito Plaza platform sign
A Richmond-bound train leaves, the next 3 car train is only 5 minutes away
A Richmond-bound train keeps leaving
Down the mosaic tiled stairs to the fare control area
The parking and AddFare Machines in the middle of the fare control area
A SF/Daily City train approaches
A-Car #1239 leads a SF/Daily City Train into the station
Getting off the last SF/Daily City train of an early Saturday evening, all passengers until Monday morning will have to contend with 20 minute service only to Fremont and Transferring at MacArthur
Looking down on the station's relatively crowded (its Saturday) parking lot
The last Daily City-bound train of Saturday leaves the station
The blur of a Richmond-bound train leaving
A-Car #1227 and a Richmond-bound train leave the station
A-Car #1227 and a Richmond-bound train fade off into the distance
Stairs down to the mezzanine with their mosaics
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