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Rocklin became a station stop on Amtrak when the one-daily Sierra Foothills Capitols Train was extended from Roseville to Colfax (cut back to Auburn in 2000 due to low ridership at Colfax) on January 26, 1998. This one daily train is supplemented by a number of thruway bus connections to and from Capitol Corridor (and San Joaquin) train at Sacramento to provide service at times other than peak-direction rush hour times the one daily train stops at. The California Zephyr passes through the station but has never stopped.

The station at first consisted of two simple concrete strips of pavement with low-level side platforms with simple yellow lines and no tactile warning strips for the two track line that begin at the grade-crossing of Rocklin Road and run south. A fence is between the platforms. These platforms can only accommodate three cars, when I stopped at the station on a northbound Capitol Corridor Train it was announced that the last car of the four car train wouldn't open and to be in the first 3 cars. No track boarding signs are included at the station but all trains today depart from the western track (closest to the depot) because operationally this is required since the two tracks split just north (and don't rejoin until Colfax) of the station and only this track leads to the track to Auburn Station. When the stop first opened the Union Pacific operated strict directional running on these two parallel lines and Auburn (trains continued to Colfax) was stuck with two stations that were in separate locations with a different stop used by trains in each direction. During this time both of Rocklin's platforms were used.

The station depot opened in July 2006 and is a modern stone building with overhanging gabled roofs. This project didn't touch the platforms that are still the bare concrete with yellow lines. A Clock tower is at one corner with pink clock faces on two of the four sides. Inside is a small waiting area with two QuikTrack Machines and a train information display plus restrooms. The majority of the depot is home to the Rcoklin Area Chamber of Commerce. All station signs are on the depot and are unique and grey with the seal of the City of Rocklin next to Rocklin in black on a grey background. There are also an Amtrak Capitol Corridor sign on the depot. (along Bush Street). Bush Street serves as the station's parking lot with a small number of spaces along the street (Amtrak's website claims the station lacks parking) and there is also the Amtrak California Bus Stop along it across from the depot. In 2012 an additional 25 spaces were added to the multi-modal station.
All photos taken on 16 June, 2013

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The station parking lot
The grade crossing in the sunset at Rocklin
Across from the modern depot
These Amtrak Capitol Corridor signs are only found at Rocklin
Sun glistens into the waiting room
Quik-Trak Machines in the waiting room and departure times sign
Benches and sun in the waiting room
The Quik-Trak Machine and restrooms behind them
One side of the depot
The modern but evoking depots of years past station
On the un-renovated platform, lampposts are on telephone poles
The simple yellow line outside the modern depot
The Amtrak Capitol Corridor sign above the windows into the waiting room
Benches outside the modern depot
The simple concrete platform extends
The grade crossing for the two track line
The clock on the clock tower
Two faces of the Rocklin Clock Tower
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Home<Amtrak<Rocklin, CA

Last Updated: 24 July, 2013
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