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Hayward is a simple unstaffed (and even lacks a Quik-Trak Machine) Capitol Corridor Station serving this city in Alameda County. It is approximately 2/3 of a mile west of the Hayward BART Station. The station opened and became a stop on San Jose-bound Capitol Corridor Trains on May 29, 1997. The Coast Starlight doesn't bypass this station normally because it follows a different more westerly route (from just south of the Oakland Coliseum Station to Newark, CA, just south of the Fremont Station) on its non-strop trip between Oakland-Jack London Square and San Jose. The stop is located in an area with two tracks although only the east track has a genuine platform with tactile warning that is the normal low-level height for level-boarding of California Cars. There is a pedestrian grade crossing at the northern end of the platform to another side platform for the opposite track. This side platform is unfinished and is a simple low-level stretch of pavement with a yellow line. This isn't normally used but can be in the event of track work. Towards the northern end of the platform is a wooden shelter structure that provides the only covering for waiting passengers. This shelter is small but has an elaborate gabled roof held up by green posts with some purple trim. A nice touch is small Hayward signs etched into the sides of the shelter. The shelter is by the platform's only entrance through a 50 space parking lot. This lot's (and the station's) entrance is at the end of B Street at the intersection of Meekland Avenue parallel to the tracks. The rest of the platform has a tall black fence and black lampposts with a number of older style Hayward signs with the directions to Oakland/Sacramento and San Jose written beneath above a red line. The station is located in an area of the line that is grade-separated with streets ending before the tracks and the major avenues crossing the tracks on overpasses or underpasses. The station is just south of the overpass bridge for A street that also crosses over Meekland Av and luckily for pedestrians trying to reach the other side of the tracks there is a staircase down from the bridge to Meekland Avenue to not force them to walk around the block.
All photos taken on 13 June, 2013

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The parking lot and platform beyond
Looking south, down the fenced off platform
The middle with the shelter and entrance
An empty passenger information panel and shelter
The top of the complex roof sturcture
The northern end of the platform and crossing to the unused second track
No Loitering signs are at the station
A Hayward sign inside the shelter
Looking down the platform past the side of the Passenger information panel that has information
The ADA spaces and loop in the small parking lot
A few cars in the parking lot this evening
Staircase from the A Street overpass bridge down to the station's parking lot
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Home<Amtrak<Hayward, CA

Last Updated: 11 July, 2013
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