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Antioch-Pittsburg, CA is the one intermediate station (not include the Stockton stations) served only by the four daily Oakland branch San Joaquin branch round-trips. None of the thruway connections to the two Sacramento branch round-trips serve the station. The station is the first really in the San Francisco Bay Area with an hourly weekdays only Tri Delta Transit local bus stopping at the station and taking a little over an hour to reach the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART station. San Joaquin trains (at the time two daily round-trips) started stopping in Antioch at this present location sometime between the October and April 1985 timetables and todays station opened in December 1990 and a plaque says it is called the Tri Delta Depot

The depot is not much of one and there isn't even an indoor waiting area or Quik-Trak machine. It consists of a single low-level platform lined with tall lampposts with square tops where the lights face down with a tactile warning strop along a single track with a scenic view facing wetlands in the inland delta of the San Joaquin River. This platform begins at the grade crossing of I Street where it crosses the tracks to reach the Riverview Lodge, a seafood restaurant on the water. Just beyond the grade crossing at the beginning of the platform is the supposed depot, which is just two large concrete cylinders with non-public rooms inside. One has black gating covering up a window into somewhere, a sign claims it is a welcome center staffed by Alive, an adult day care program, with Amtrak brochures and community event information. I have no idea when this window is actually open. The pinkish concrete cylinders and few other concrete columns hold up a blue canopy that has a slanted roof. Beneath here is the station's bench, a curving slab of concrete with a back and armrests delineating individual benches. For signage there is a modern set of information panel facing the streetside along the wall of the complicated shelter, the station name reads 'Antioch-Pittsburg, CA' plus a single platform sign at the extreme western end of the platform away from the legal exit. This sign is off a previous generation with Antioch written centered above arrows for the direction of travel for Los Angeles and San Francisco. This portion is covered in some graffiti and lower down is a previous generation of the now required braille signage with many of the letters missing. Older pictures of the station shows it once also had another sign. This stop needs the standard signage improvements desperately. There is no fence along the edge of the platform away from the depot, just trees and shrubbery that turn into a knoll of dirt where grass is trying to grow separating the platform from a sidewalk that becomes a boardwalk a distance away from the platform.
All photos taken on 21 February, 2011

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Stepping off train #713, running over two hours late due to hitting a pedestrian in Fresno (who amazingly survived) into the evening sun
P42 #69 the locomotive that hit Jessica Rhynes who was obliviously listening to her headphones and survived in Fresno makes its station stop running two hours late
P42 #69 gears up to start leaving
P42 #69
P42 #69 passes the one platform sign as it pulls Train #713 away from the station
P42 #69 starts to pass the end of the platform
P42 #69 pulls train #713 running over two hours late into the sunset
California Cab Car #8302 'Mount Shasta' and train #713 leave
The end of the platform and delta of the San Joaquin River
The boardwalk and narrow platform
The graffiti covered Antioch signs
The braille sign partially unreadable
The railroad sign across from the platform
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Home<Amtrak<Antioch-Pittsburg, CA

Last Updated: 16 March, 2011
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