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The Livermore ACE Station is located in downtown Livermore and is part of the LVTA Wheels Transit Center that is the main hub of the local bus system. The purple signs on the single platform on the south track of a line with two tracks in the station area even say 'Livermore-LAVTA.' This platform looks like most other ACE Stations with simple white fencing and two brown bus shelters that are the only amenities to waiting passengers on the platform. One sign is missing from its white posts. The western end of the platform is at the dead end of a southern section North I Street that is split into separate sections by the railroad. A bike path continues east from the end of the platform. Next along the platform is the Livermore Valley Center Parking. This is a three level modern brick walled parking garage. It provides free parking to ACE passengers and businesses in downtown Livermore. At the western end of the platform is the LVTA Wheels's downtown transit center. This consists of one major bus loop with a central pedestrian island. This island is where the buses stop and pulse. In the middle of the island is a small cream colored building with a brown roof and murals on the sides. These murals are part of Path to Ploaso by various artists in Summer 2009. This building houses the LVTA pass office that is also the seller of ACE Tickets and Monthly Passes and is open throughout the day. A modern shelter provides decent cover for the benches for waiting bus passengers. One bus line doesn't enter the bus loop, it is Wheels attempt at BRT, it's Rapid service that runs from the Livermore National Laboratories to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station stopping on each side of Railroad Avenue on the other side of the parking structure. It's bus stops have large shelters, the bus stop here has a decorative clock and include displays with real-time arrival information.
All Photos taken on 11 June, 2013

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Murals on the LVTA building
The Amtrak California Bus stop and bike parking
Looking across to the Livermore ACE platform and the narrow spaced signs
The parking garage
A station sign and bus loop behind
A platform sign and parking garage behind
A Parking garage entrance, ticket validator and missing sign
One corner of the parking garage
I Street, a dead-end at the tracks along the parking garage
The walkway from the eastern end of the platform to I Street
ACE Cab Car #3308 leads ACE #8 towards the station
ACE Cab Car #3308 and ACE #8 keeps approaching
ACE Cab Car #3308 prepares to enter
The locomotive pushing ACE #8 into the station
F40PH #3104 stops at Livermore
A side view of the locomotive stopped at Livermore
F40PH #3104 pushes ACE #8 out of Livermore
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Last Updated: 9 July, 2013
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